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Work From Home - Get Healthier as A Healy Member

Healy is Game Changer Health and Wellbeing Technology for You

Healy's the Fastest Growing International Wearable Wellness Product that you can distribute to help people with their health, and wellbeing. Optional above average income potential as well!

I Want You To Experience Healy, It Can Change Your Life Forever!

Become a Healy Member Distributor - Benefits for You and your Healy Member Team Women and Men

Once in a while game changer products like CD's, Cell phones, and Computers come about. Healy is one such product for 2021.

Healy is a wearable wellness lifestyle product that will help change the health and consciousness of you and the world.

Healy is the worlds first wearable microcurrent medical device offering you Smartphone Apps to help you stay fit, regenerate using frequency microcurrent, reduce pain, and more.

The Healy device assists you bioenergetically to increase your vitality, and improve the flow of your energy.

Work at Home, Work From Home, Home Based Business Helping others with Health and Wealth

Healy is an excellent work at home business idea whose time has come, to usher in a new work from home paradigm for you and others, now that the "..VID" has changed the way we live, work and socialize.

Now more than ever, it is best to create an alternative income stream from home based business operations. No more masks, no more commuting, and no more bosses and people you have to fake it with in order to have an enjoyable well paying work experience.

Network marketing, aka MLM, networking, work from home, home based business, is the way to do business now today.

Signing up as a Healy Member on my team makes lots of sense. You get your own FREE customized Healy web site, Healy you tube videos, social media content, business mentoring, and lots of networking team support to help increase your business opportunities, and increase your personal income. There are no Healy membership fees or minimum purchases.


Get To Know Healy more in this Video



I Have Helped Hundreds of People become Healthier, Happier and Wealthier

I have helped hundreds of people get more healthy since 2020. What a positive feeling helping so many people become more health aware. Word of mouth networking is the best way to spread the health and income related news about Healy frequency based wellness technology.

Like you perhaps, I was skeptical about Healy until I actually started using it. As a Healy Member since December 2019 I have been amazed at what Healy has done for my overall health and well being. I use Healy everyday, simply because it works so well and delivers results I can see, feel and experience in other ways.

Give Healy a try, it has a 14 day risk free, money back guarantee.

Healy is FDA Food and Drug Administration cleared for many pain, and emotional wellbeing issues,

Healy should give you noticeable physical and emotional satisfaction.


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When I started telling people about Healy on Social Media the interest and use of Healy has started sky rocketing.

Healy sold over One Hundred MILLION dollars in Product last year alone!

Make a difference in your life and others by getting in on this world wide trend in Smartphone compatible health and wellbeing wellness technology.


Most people prefer to live in their comfort zones, Avoiding Opportunities.


Be different from "the pack", and venture into the land of quantum based health and wellness and feel free, being self employed, rocking your health, wellbeing and wealth in the process!

I will help guide you through the new and unknown, so you can stand out and shine above those who are not willing to venture into the unknown for the opportunity of greater freedom, health and wealth!


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Why You Should Become a Healy Distributor with Me

Healy has a lucrative business side that you can easily tap into with easy help and suggestions from my many Youtube videos, your custom web site I make for you and direct contact consultation with me.

I stand apart from many Healy distributors with advanced hands on experience and product knowledge, having been in the health and wellness industry designing vibra acoustic massage tables and chairs for over a decade.

Click here for my other Healy related vibra acoustic web site so you can see the complimentary to Healy sound therapy I create as well.

I have professional experience and understanding using quantum physics, sound therapy, web, photography, video and award winning sales skills to deliver effective messages.

These skill sets make me a "Good Tree to Lean on", as you become Healy frequency wellness savvy using Healy, and informing others of your wellbeing and optional income experiences using Healy.

It's a happy satisfying feeling knowing I have helped hundreds of people have healthier lives. An added benefit is making an excellent, well above average income from distributing Healy to others.

I make using and distributing Healy a fun, enjoyable and profitable process for you and others.

With the numerous videos I have produced, the web site I create for you as your 24/7/365 educator, order taker, and one on one free consultation, these are just a few of the reasons I have been a wise choice for hundreds in my downline.


Don't wind up like some Healy members!

Don't wind up like some Healy members who chose a downline with little education or time or social media marketing and support for you and your needs.

Every week I get phone calls from Healy members asking me for help or advice, as their upline member does not have the skillets, time or passion needed to be a successful health and wealth network marketer! It's not fair to yourself or the industry to be involved with a member who can not support your business needs!

Do you make a significant purchase from the first person you meet, or do you take the time to research those that represent the product so you can be sure to make the very important decision to be properly supported and represented by someone who has your best interests at heart?


Healy Incentives Help with Your's and other's Health and Wealth

Healy incentivizes you to help other people become more healthy and wealthy working at home.

Healy offers many FREE Promotions and high value discounts regularly to help you get more free Healy products and receive a sizable income.

I have used Healy since January 2020, the personal health improvements are amazing, and the 5 digit income has been a pleasant surprise.

Let me teach/remind you about using Social Media to attract your Healy audience. Can others who you are contemplating offer the expertise and services I can offer to you as your Healy upline of choice?

Let me show you too how to get awesome perks and income, following my proven Healy network marketing techniques.

I have created a replicable Healy marketing system in place that you can use to achieve great results with good work habits.


Sign Up Now and Take Charge of Your Health, Wellbeing, and Home Based Income

Sign up on my Healy Member Partner Page for FREE NOW - No membership or purchase needed!

Start your amazing journey into greater health and wealth prosperity. I mean that sincerely !

Connect with Me Alan Gough via Phone at 760-898-5110

or these other social media links here:


Connect with Me Here


Sign up here as a Healy World Member Partner with Me

Click Here to Become a Healy Member (Members receive discounts, Income and Free Offers by introducing others to the health and wealth benefits Healy offers.)

If you would like to benefit from helping other people with their health and wellbeing and even wealth building opportunities, sign up above as a member first.

Shop Healy Products after Becoming a Healy Member

Once you have signed up and become a Healy member follow this link to order Healy products. When Products are on sale with HUGE Discounts, the sale price is shown on Page 2 of your order information.

Click Here to Become a Healy Customer (Customers get special discounts on Healy Products, and do not engage in receiving Income or Free offers by promoting Healy to others)



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Create your own health, and if you choose, optionally build your own global business together with me and my Healy team, for a better life for all people and a better life for yourself! 

In just over one year of helping people with their health issues, over 200 people have signed up on my Healy Downline Team.

In addition to the Health Benefits of Healy there is also a business opportunity that many are choosing as a great way to supplement or become their primary income.

I was super stoked that in just 150 days I made 5 digit $$$$$ income with Healy. Even more stoke to be awarded a FREE Airfare and accommodation for two in Germany at the March 2021 Healy Munich convention.

Wow, helping people and helping my own health and wealth being as well !! Check it out. Click here for my Contact information details, and ask me your questions about Healy, the Compensation Plan Details and Awesome Regular Promotions.

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Healy is a wearable for your health and well-being, controlled by your Android or iPhone smart phone. Put it in your pocket! Wear it on your clothes! It is the result of the experience of thousands of therapists worldwide and the experience of 500,000 users.

Driven by a passion to help people benefit from information,education and nutrition, I want to be sure to help build your health and wealth success as well. Follow me as we chart a path forward in the exciting frequency based wellness and nutritional fields with Healy products.


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My Extensive Networking and Health Background is to YOUR BENEFIT

I have been involved with network marketing for over 35 years, with a professional full time background in Computer Sales/support, Commission Sales, Photography, Vibra Acoustic Chair Design, Reiki Practitioner, Video and Web Design.

This well rounded background allows me to create professional duplicable web sites, marketing videos and social media for presentation to prospects by my Healy World Member Partner downline and sponsor team members.

You will receive my professionally produced duplicable videos, photo and web content to help benefit your Healy Associate member partnership with Myself and Healy.

I will show you how to create top of the line Search Engine content for social media and Youtube Healy related topics.

My SEO experience has allowed me to reach significant 5 digit sales volume already with Healy in just 11 months.

Let us be a part of your health and well being success, by signing up as a Healy World Member Partner with me, Alan Gough


Healy Worldwide Partner - Click Here to Become A Member Partner on One of the Largest Healy USA downlines

By becoming a Healy Partner you secure your position in my most successful North American Healy Down line team, introducing the Healy exciting technology to North America NOW.

My sponsors sponsor has received the most prestigious Healy award of a Porche Taycan car resulting from his success in creating Healy awareness. Only 5 people in the world received this honor, and my sponsors sponsor was one of the five !!

Signing up for Healy membership is free, so join now to secure your down line position with me, and receive great benefits for joining.


Use Healy, and help people become healthier, wealthier, and work, from, home, as a Healy, member, great for Women, men, as a distributor, supplier, for health, network marketing, mlm, device, and wholesale prices.



Healy Membership Sign Up Instructions

FIRST, Click HERE for Easy Healy Member video sign-up instructions or call me to do the sign up for/with you. I recommend you sign up from your home or office computer, as opposed to smartphone.

NEXT, CLICK HERE to sign up at no charge as a Healy Member. Once Signed up as a member and enjoy great discounts and income benefits.

Click Here to SHOP Healy Resonance
, in the Healy Dashboard (back-office), make sure you are Logged in, your user name will show up in the upper right when logged in.

Select SHOP at top of screen, scroll down to the Healy Module you wish (Healy Gold, Holistic Health, Plus, Healy Resonance).

Click the appropriate module (Gold, Holistic, Aura, Resonance, or Professional) choose Quantity, Add to Cart,

Click view cart. Proceed to Checkout

You will see the product Total Price at Top of screen. Scroll further down and you will see that the discount has been applied. Add your shipping address information (Should be same as your Charge card address) If you are purchasing Healy Gold, there are No subscriptions needed so nothing to auto renew

Do NOT log out if this order is for you.

Enter your charge card information, and select proceed to payment at the bottom of the screen.

Congratulations, You are now A Healy Owner.

Products ship free to the USA, and are shipped from the USA.

You should receive your Healy Resonance around 1-5 days from order date, depending on your shipping choice!

Healy has just introduced next day shipping as well.

For More information from a Healy Product Specialist, contact me,

Alan Gough

Email: alangough88@gmail.com

or Phone 760-898-5110 for more information

There are many benefits of being a Healy Member Distributor - Benefits for You include health and wealth and helping others.



Connect with Me Here





We are a Healy World Member Partner, operating as an independent contractor, member of Healy World USA. Serving all Healy open markets with Healy unit devices and wellness apps

. healy world member partner





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Hats off to the Healy Member Distributor, Buy, Sell, Benefits for You, Your Healy Member Team, Women and Men of all ages are successful with a successful thinking mindset.


I Want You To Experience Healy, It Will Change Your Life !


















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