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Healy Soul Cycle - Reconnecting Your World, App, Module, Edition

FREE SOUL CYCLE-Ask me How. The Soul Cycle programs are designed to support you in:

    Peace: Finding peace within yourself.
    Love: Feeling loved at all times.
    Reconnecting: Regaining your deep connection to everything.
    Fearlessness: Letting go of your fears.
    Potential: Unfolding your full potential.

Soul Cycle Healy App - Video Introduction

Soul Cycle

by Martina Kondritz
The Soul Cycle program group was created by Martina Kondritz, a certified healing practitioner with many years of experience. healy, soul cycle, soul, free, cycle #soulcycle #healysoulcycle #healy #freesoulcycle #freehealysoulcycle, Edition, App, program groups, add-ons, healy editions, upgrades

She is the co-founder of the professional association „Gesellschaft für Bio-Elektro-Therapie e. V.“ (Society for Bio-Electro Healy use) and a lecturer at the TimeWaver Academy in the field of TimeWaver Frequency.

Her approach is based on a deep knowledge of the use of frequencies to support personal integration and restore a sense of connectedness with self and nature.

Martina Kondritz Background

    • Certified healing practitioner with many years of experience.
    • Co-founder of a professional scientific association.
    • Popular lecturer at the TimeWaver Academy.
    • Renowned German researcher.
    • Member of the Healy advisory board.

Healy Soul Cycle Programs are meant to:
    • Re-harmonize negative frequencies.
    • Support inner peace and letting go of fears.
    • Realize your full potential in life.

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The Circle of the Soul - Healy App

When we experience the first heartbeat in our mother‘s womb, we are in a state of being connected to everything.

When we are born, we experience the first separation of our life, being separated from our mother.

Then, in our first months and years, we experience the separation between ourselves and everything around us.

Later, we are going to experience the separation between body and mind. In this way we are increasingly separating ourselves from everything that surrounds us, accumulating along the way a variety of blockages, fears, traumas and beliefs that often manifest themselves in hatred, envy and anger.

Still, we are unconsciously trying all our life to find our way back into connectedness with everything. The cycle of our soul is coming full circle eventually!

Frequencies and Mental Scars

Every human being possesses their own spectrum of unique frequencies. Every negative influence that comes our way is leaving small or big disharmonies in our frequency spectrum – mental scars! The Soul Cycle programs are designed to re-harmonize these negative frequencies.

We all want to find peace within ourselves.

We all are striving to unfold our full potential.

We all want to let go of our fears.
LOVE We all need to feel loved at all times.

An Overview of the Soul Cycle Program Group

healy, soul cycle, soul, free, cycle #soulcycle #healysoulcycle #healy #freesoulcycle #freehealysoulcycle, Edition, App, program groups, add-ons, healy editions, upgrades
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Acceptance is an essential skill that helps you manage your reactions to change, embrace who you are and find peace amidst chaos. The IMF Program is designed to support you in strengthening this fundamental ability.

A healthy dose of self-confidence is necessary to become more resilient, have a balanced view of yourself and embrace your full potential.
The frequencies of "Self Confidence" are designed for the inner centering of your energetic field.

Fears can be helpful when alerting you to dangers and preparing you to deal with it. However, an excessive level of fear can also lead to distress and disruption.
This program is designed to support the energetic stimulation of the inner connection to yourself.

When you’re in a state of inner peace, you are staying calm and accepting circumstances that you cannot easily change. The IMF Program is designed to stimulate the inner balance of your energetic field.

Inner Balance
Maintaining your inner balance is a crucial part of leading a positive life and achieving a state of happiness.
The IMF Program is designed to energetically stimulate your inner unity.

Happiness is about more than just feeling good. It is about combating negative thoughts and approaching every day with optimism.
Everyone already carries the key for positive thinking and thus for a happy life. The frequencies from this program are designed to help you positively align your energetic field.

Experiencing burden and negative energies can weigh heavily on your shoulders and even prevent you from progressing in your everyday life. The IMF Program is designed to energetically support releasing.

Emotions are a central part of our lives. They help us evaluate and assess situations as well as make choices. The unique frequencies of this program are designed to energetically support the processing of emotions.

Aura Pure
When negative feelings such as anger and bad thoughts pollute your aura, you can quickly feel tired, irritated or listless.
The IMF Program is intended to support you in purifying your energetic field.

Power Reserve
When you’re feeling drained, it is harder to concentrate on tasks, and control your level of frustration, even with simple challenges. The IMF Program of “Power Reserve” is designed to stimulate your Bioenergetic Field.
Energy Balance
Maintaining an energy balance plays a central role in your performance and strength.
The IMF Program is designed to balance your energy centers.

Balance is the basis of your wellbeing and factors such as hectic lifestyle, pressure and stress can impact it.
The frequencies from the IMF Program “Stimulation” are designed to stimulate your energetic regeneration.


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Disclaimer: Healy is a micro current medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress. Always use your Healy in accordance with its instructions for use.

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