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Anxiety / Depression my frequency device Testimonial

By B...R....

For those with anxiety/depression related issues

I'm so in love with my Frequency Device!

I should also point out that I am usually the most skeptical person when it comes to things like this but I have no negative reviews at all - other than not being able to run every program every day.

Back Pain - Frequency Device Testimonial Testimonials

My initial scan came up with 1. Chronic Pain 2. Tooth/jaw 3. Depression 4. Chronic back 5. Migraine.

On day one, I was struggling pretty badly, and my anxiety was through the ROOF so this was not surprising.

My low back was killing me and had the beginning of a bad migraine.

He ran a general pain cycle for 27 minutes and within 10 minutes I was feeling warm and fuzzy. I started to feel the pain in my back ease up, and the overall tension starting to release.

My low back was giving me such grief that I couldn't lay on my left side and would toss and turn trying to get comfortable. After the session, I was able to move again and lay in my left side for the first time in about nine months!

I slept so good that night because I wasn't all over the bed all night.

Day two: He ran another cycle for pain and for Migraine. The Migraine went from a 5-6 to a 2 within fifteen minutes.

When I was first introduced to my frequency device I was skeptical about the remote sessions, it's way too complicated for me to even understand, but my skeptical side was taking over, until this week.

This morning he did a 24 min session and when I got up I had realized that my right-hand thumb wasn't hurting.

I have major Arthritis in a joint in my thumb which makes it hard to grasp things, text, etc. It did not hurt! The inflammation is minimal, I can press hard on it, move it and it's not tender, I'm blown away.

When they say, ”you don't have to understand it for it to work” it's a true statement. Helping people is what I want to do, and to know that I can do this remotely with some of them, gets me even more excited!

Depression Frequency Device Testimonial Testimonials

By I...S...V......(privacy)

I have recently started using The Frequency Device...The reason I wanted to try it out is because I suffer from depression...and the Frequency Device just so happens to be medically certified to help people with mental health imbalances.

No one knows this about me except for my immediate family and a handful of friends...(and now my newfound my frequency device buddies ) no one will ever see me in a state of depression or hear from me either if I’m in a bad head space...So most people would think I’m a happy,positive kind of girl with an attitude...

I’ve been using the Frequency Device for three weeks now, I have gained so much more energy,my spirits have lifted-I’m happier and feel so much be honest with you I don’t know myself!...

I have been working in the garden,ripping out weeds,clearing leaves...walking,exercising,yes!exercising!!!
I’ve even lost some weight. I don’t go to bed at 20:30 anymore,I stay up till midnight and sleep so much better-I’m not waking up in the middle of the night I like used to,

But the best thing so far is being present with my children and laughing with them...sharing fun moments together and not having that dark cloud hanging over my head...I feel I’m living the life I deserve to live...Being a happy Mum, being present for our children, laughing with my husband again...

I really must Thank my friend, and now sponsor -F.... C..... for introducing the my frequency device to us...It’s changing our lives...It can change yours too. Our team is worldwide,we are growing,sharing and learning together from one side of the world to the other. 


Sleep, Pain Frequency Device Testimonial Testimonials

So after a very difficult period, the first 6 months of 2019, I could not sleep for more than 4-5 hours per night, I was in a state of constant being alert. Then one morning I asked the Universe “what else is possible?” A few hours later the answer came through a phone call from an angel with the question if I knew about the frequency device!

So, after my first frequency device tryout, I slept the next days about 8 hours a night, Heaven!!! A week later my frequency device arrived and since then almost every night I slept for 8 hours. Then on the advice of medical support (Asperger) I started using protection programs every day electro smog, and each night alternating sleep and overall protection.

WOW like a complete peace and tranquility came into my system! To wake up totally at peace, amazing! and to me almost unbelievable. With all this, my ENERGY is going up, and in the last six weeks, I could walk my doggies with no problems, before I needed 2 days a week dog sitter.

Recovery: I just get treatment from my physiotherapist 1x per 4 weeks, instead of 1-2 times per week. Pain: Since the start of the frequency device now 9 weeks, I only used 1x a painkiller (previously irregular diclofenac, paracetamol and migraine pain relief).

Further on the consciousness / emotional level, a lot is happening; I feel more open and closer to myself, more space.


Menstruation Frequency Device Testimonial Testimonials

By K....M.....
No More Heavy Bleeding My story is 20 years + of Heavy bleeding.

It was a debilitating situation and I had tried everything (i wasn't interested in the pill as that creates its own can of worms) I was anxious about being out on the heaviest days in case I would flood. I would be up 3-4 times a night to change so that didn't help with the fatigue.

I was having iron infusions every few months and that was only a short term fix. 2 years ago I have an ablation done and that was meant to stop the bleeding altogether, however, for me, it only reduced it to 300-350ml.

4 weeks ago my frequency device arrived, not knowing what the first thing to improve would be I went along with the faith that the frequencies would change my life. I was hoping my weight and skin would be the first things to change.

Well to my amazement, my bleeding was the first thing to correct. I have had my first frequency device period and lucky to be a tsp. WOOHOOO!

I am so excited and grateful. (my Gyno may claim the ablation finally worked ) I wasn't focusing on anything specifically, this is what I did.

I used my frequency device every day! for 2+ weeks I scanned with the resonance and ran the programs for the top 3 that resonated for the day. Then I did the deep cycle programs over the next few days and then followed by the recommendations in from the frequency device advisor app for Thyroid (that is a little sluggy with Hypothyroid) I am now doing some Candida programs.

I don't know what the combo was that created this result, I do know that I am absolutely super grateful that this little device called my name!

Trust the frequencies they know what to do!

Panic Attacks frequency device Testimonial Testimonials

 By J...R...G...

I have a testimonial... I got my frequency device Resonance about 4 days ago.

Yesterday, I started to have a panic attack, and I scanned myself, and the frequency device Gold Cycle Relax came up.

After treating myself to the Relax program, well actually, just a few minutes into it, I felt as if I took a xanax (my normal prescription for panic attacks), but I didn't have to take anything at all.

I FELT SO MUCH BETTER. Also, side note...after a few days of running various programs on myself, an actinic keratosis on my back that I've had for several years that was the size of a dime, and raised and scaly, and dark, has 100% disappeared.

In 3 days using the frequency device. Unexpected side effect.


PTSD & Anxiety frequency device Testimonial Testimonials

By R....L.... 18 years working as a paramedic/ ED nurse left me symptoms of PTSD and anxiety (totally self diagnosed).

The many years of ‘capping’ the trauma and ‘getting on with it’ (because I had to in order to function in the job) became detrimental to my mental health and I found myself feeling stressed, anxious and living in a constant state of fear.

Although I was self responsible and managing my symptoms with meditation, breath work, crystals and other modalities, the

frequency device has taken me to a whole other level.

I no longer even have to 'manage' my symptoms, because the anxious thoughts, fears and incessant worry doesn't even enter my head anymore!

I'm more calm, present and happier in myself. My relationships are better and I’m not sweating the small stuff anymore. Plus I have more time to BE as I'm not managing my symptoms for hours each day.

I have run the mental balance programs, local stimulation programs and the sleep programs daily and noticed a difference in my emotional wellbeing after 3 days.

I am getting more Zen as the days go on!

I knew frequency device would benefit my mental health but I never expected the results would be this good !

Severe Acne and Hormonal Disorders Testimonial Testimonials

I am Mel........, 26 years old, and have been suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome and severe cystic acne for 6 years.

I have tried everything: food, dietary supplement, therapy, products etc., before trying frequency device:

frequency device gold + meridian 2 + skin program + deep cycle.

- 1st month I did a big cleaning with the frequency device: pure, balance, liver, lymphatic system, kidney, deep cycle complete cleansing, deep cycle complete digestion, hormonal balance. The first week, I had detox and my skin was worse (which is normal). I then had results after only 3 weeks. Less inflammation and the severity of my acne has decreased.

- 2nd month: I made the specific programs for the skin and still detox: acne system, scar cyst, sore cyst, pure, being, balance and lymphatic system. For 2.5 months I systematically did 2 to 3 programs every day.

Today, the inflammation has decreased and the redness too. I do not have a cyst on my face anymore. The quantity and severity of the pimples have diminished. I still have some pimples but nothing compared to before. I now have the scars left that can take 1 to 2 years to fade. We will see with the frequency device. I’m finally starting to relive again, I use less makeup and go out in public a little more. This is the first time that I finally have results.


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Thyroid Issues Testimonial Testimonials

By: B.... C .....I have have my Frequency device for over a week now and my experience is fantastic.

In 2017 I had thyroid cancer and as a result my whole thyroid was removed and since then I’ve been on hormone therapy daily and will be for the rest of my life.

Being on HRT meant that I was constantly and permanently swollen in my face, neck, legs and my hands. My shoe Size is 7 but since 2017 my new size is 9 and sometimes even 10.

When I got my frequency device for the first week every day the scan recommended me 70%+ Pure from Gold Program, sometimes I was annoyed because I wanted to try something different, I even thought that my frequency device is broken.

I followed up as I should and soon I realized that my face is less puffy, I can feel bones in my feet, my ankles are visible and all my shoes are too big! Yay! My 3 years old swelling is going down after 1 week!

My other problem was sleeping, I slept very short and shallow sleep and was very tired during the day having a thinking cloud to the point that even giving my home address was difficult to remember.

From the first night my sleep has improved! Now I am having very deep and restful sleep, the cloud is gone and the other day I could memories the whole mobile number I was dialing, I couldn’t remember 2 consistent numbers before this.

One more very positive outcome is very sharp clear thinking, I love it! I don’t know how my frequency device works but this is fricken amazing and is only a little over a week. I love my frequency device

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Bursitis Frequency device Testimonial Testimonials

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"Healy Saved me from a life of Pain and Suffering. I am amazed at what Healy Frequency Based Wellness Device technology and Apps have done for me". Alan Gough


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The device is a micro-current medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. frequency device also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress.


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