Dr Bruce Lipton - Energy Medicine - A New Paradigm

"In recent years there is the rise of a new kind of medicine called Energy Medicine. The significance is that we find now that there is a very sound physical and biological understanding of the role of energy and vibration in medicine.

Frequency based wellness delivery is over 90% more effective than traditional pill based allopathic chemical based medicine, according to Cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton. No more expensive allopathic prescriptions, or side effects using frequency based wellness technology either (subject to your doctors written approval). Dr Bruce Lipton Video- 47 seconds"

Dr Bruce Lipton - Your Body Prefers Frequencies over Pills

"I can signal (your body) with a chemical or I can signal you with vibration. The bodies biological system profoundly prefers vibrational energy delivery over allopathic (Big Pharma) chemical delivery." Video Dr Bruce Lipton - 46 seconds

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