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In order to be a better me I must be willing to pay attention to my wellbeing, and concurrently from a business perspective I must learn to overcome my Ego chatter so that I can focus to multi task and create significant health and income.

When I accomplish these tasks mentioned above, then I am ready and looking to thrive on my own terms!

There is nothing magic about being willing to put in the effort into making significant monthly income while you consistently get healthier with Healy!

A wise decision choosing and joining my Healy team as I make it my mission to raise the vibration of humanity by leveraging your talent and freedom with Healy, creating a movement of conscious health based entrepreneurship.

It is my goal to shine the flashlight so to speak, and give you the road-map, tools and blueprint you need in order to become a successful conscious creator of your own reality.

Many will read this, and some will resonate with the potential for health and wealth changing personal and business use with Healy.

Healy literally SAVED MY Health, and I want to share that with you and the world

Contact me to chat more about Healy, and let's see if there is some synergy to work together!

Becoming a Healy World Member Partner through me, I provide you with my Healy Uplines World Class social media, video, email and Internet support models to help you better understand and use Healy for your own Health and wellbeing.

Optionally build your successful Healy business with professional support in all areas of networking and education.


You Benefit Directly Becoming A Healy World Member Partner with my Professional Healy Team Approach

Me and my Healy Upline go the extra mile for you by creating your own FREE Healy Customized web site for your educational use of Healy and to help gain clients and referrals.

My Healy Upline and I will provide you with Youtube Videos and web site funnel pages for getting more education and more Healy World members. Share with Healy prospects and members to help increase your Healy business.

Social media presentation ideas to help you build your own Healy social channels.

The Healy compensation rewards plan will excite you! You get a happy feeling knowing you have helped so many people with their health and wealth being.

Let me and my Healy Upline team member, help you achieve immediate health and income through easy to follow social media, marketing replication methods and direct remuneration models.

Healy World members receive lucrative commissions and great promotions to help maximize their health and business success.

We are an Award Winning Sales & team building Healy Upline, helping you create a sustainable Healy work from home business.

Become a Healy Partner for free - no purchase necessary or monthly fees.



You Are Referred to Healy by:





Once on the Member or product order page you will see my Healy Referrer ID # 3278-1896-2190

Please be sure to confirm this number above otherwise I will not be able to support you and your Healy needs.


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Let's connect if you would like help making your Healy selection. My uplines years of experience and myself can set you in the right directions.

Let's also connect to ensure your order processes correctly.

Check out the newest Burning the Candle Healy Youtube video promotion.

The NEW Burning The Candle Video Explains how Healy can benefit you with its proven proprietary wellness technology for your mind body and soul.


Let’s Work Together
Are you looking for health and wellness business projects with coaching savvy Upline members to support your Health and wealth being needs?

If you are interested in helping other people becoming healthier and optionally wealthier, representing Healy Frequency Devices to friends and wellness clients contact me for more details.

If you like the idea of your own team of Healy Distributors, we are well suited to provide you with content and expertise to help you succeed.

Get in touch with me today and let's chat about partnering with our successful Healy team!

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ORDER and SAVE on Healy Resonance. Get Free Healy's and $100's in Cash Bonus's

Inquire About Healy's Worth over $5000 for FREE!


Sign up for Free Healy Membership entitling you to cash and free Healy offers, by clicking above.
While supplies last, and introducing Healy to three people, you can:

-Order Healy Gold Healy Device at $506. (Get Healy Gold for Free, Call or email for details)
-Order Healy Holistic Health Healy Device at $1015. (Get Healy Holistic Health for Free, Call or email for details)
-Order Healy Aura Healy Device at $1525. (Get Healy Aura for Free, Call or email for details)
-Order Healy Resonance Healy Device at $2025. (Get Healy Resonance for Free, Call or email for details)
-Order Healy Professional Healy Device at $5055. (Get Healy Professional for Free, Call or email for details)


When Ordering your Healy Resonance, Gold, Aura, Holistic device and Apps products with me as your Healy Upline, my upline and I will support you with one on one phone calls, email support, Youtube videos, product knowledge, and your own customized Healy Web site for educational and automated Healy order taking.

Very few Healy uplines will support you as effectively as We will!

Order your Healy device, accessories and apps through me as your Sponsor Referral ID 3278-1896-2190

Click on this link to shop for Healy Products in the Healy USA store at:

My Upline and I will provide you with some of the best one-on-one Healy training for your Healy device and apps.

When you have finished placing your Healy Device, accessories and app order, please email me with your email address, Order ID # and your Healy member ID, so I can add you to my Healy Member list, forward you your new web site I create for you at no charge, and keep you informed of new Healy information.

Click Here to Become a Healy Member and then Shop for Healy Device products Apps and accessories
(Members receive discounts, Income and Free Offers by promoting Healy to others)

If you would like to benefit from helping other people with their health and wellbeing and even wealth building opportunities, sign up above as a member .

Click Here to Shop and Order Healy devices, and Healy Apps

Once you have signed up and become a Healy member follow this link to order Healy products.

Click Here to Become a Healy Customer Customers get discounts on Healy Products, and do not engage in receiving Income or Free offers by informing others about Healy's health benefits.




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The Healy Fast Start Promotion helps motivated and committed
New Healy World members to easily take their Healy edition to to the next level

and receive FREE Healy's and Apps!

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Use Healy Fast start to YOUR BENEFIT to acquire extra Healy's for to you use as sample devices to loan out for a few days.

People will quickly grasp the wellness power of Healy especially for muscle, joint and nerve based pain with three to four one hour uses of the Healy.

People can try Healy risk free for 14 days. The return rate is minimal, because Healy works well.

Healy is an FDA cleared Class IIa medical device, German made frequency based wellness technology that is a game changer for health, wellbeing, and raising the consciousness of humanity.

Choosing Your Healy World Social Selling Network Partner

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Networking is about team building, sharing knowledge, supporting and developing Our team.

Knowing and sharing education, sales techniques, letters, webinars, social media marketing, lead generation, and more, are all part of our approach to supporting your growth.

Videos, Healy World Member Partner Promotional Web sites, and emails we create, are branded with your own Personalized Healy World Member Partner web links to drive social media and email traffic to send Customers and Members directly to your Official Parent Company Healy Site, email and your phone.

My Healy Uplines 35 year professional career in, network marketing, web design, photography, video, desktop publishing allows us to respond the same day, to your questions and needs for Healy World Member Partner sales and marketing related content.

You get the benefit of over 1000 hours of time invested in replicable video, email, web, and Webinar content for our team, and you our new team member. Our Search Engine Optimization gets our team with you on page one of Google often as well!

We offer professionally produced Healy World Member Partner video, web, seo, social media and email content and expertise to YOU, at no charge to you when you Sign up as a Healy World Member Partner with our Team.

It is critical choosing your Healy World Member Partner sponsor person, as that could make the difference between knowledge, drive, enthusiasm, and support with one Healy Member sponsor choice, and little to none of the above with other sponsor opportunities that present themselves to you. Choose your network marketing business sponsor partner for all of these reasons and more.

Why Choose Us as Your Healy World Member Partner

- Award Winning Professional Sales Background (let us teach/remind you about FAB, The Sales Cycle, Asking for The Sale)
- Track Record with Network Marketing (Healy, Amway, Manatech) - 5 Digit Income in Healy in 90 days!
- Replicating the Team. Thats what successful networkers do. We have created our own professional Video, Web, Social Media Content that we replicate for new members like you.

Our videos and web sites are not copies of others work. Our Team stands out and above the crowd with our knowledge and expertise in wellness technologies, video, web and other social media content. Much of our media content is unique and copyrighted by us, to share with our Healy Team members and prospects.

- Team Leader Qualifications. We are professional sales, video, web, graphics design people whose work shows as being a step above the rest!

First impressions are lasting, that's why we have a commitment to the delivery of the highest quality content to inform, educate and create a lasting impression. Professional Video, web and graphics design and production run deep in our veins. We are your complete Advertising agency in your pocket, available the same day, to help bring you the success you deserve from commitment and belief in Healy, like we have !

Your personalized custom Healy web site we create for you is your 24/7/365 Healy information provider, Healy new member register, sales order taker, video library and knowledge base of all that is Healy!! Sell in your Sleep with OUR TEAM! Benefit from the replicatable videos and web site for your future Healy Members as well!

Healy World Member Partner Videos we provide to you will be branded with your own contact information and Healy Web Site links for your new members and customers to order directly from you!

Do other Healy Teams offer this degree of video presentation sophistication and professionalism, or are they using canned videos to try and stand out from the rest?

Want to stand out from the Pack, and be on one of the biggest and best Healy USA downlines?

So much more to talk about, so get in CONTACT WITH ME HERE and let's chat more about your health, wellbeing and optional business needs

Click Here to Become a Healy Member (Members receive discounts, Income and Free Offers by promoting Healy to others)

If you would like to benefit from helping other people with their health and wellbeing and even wealth building opportunities, sign up above as a member first. After you have signed up, (above) select Healy Resonance further down this page, to place your first Healy order for yourself or others.

Shop Healy Products after Becoming a Healy Member

Once you have signed up and become a Healy member follow this link to order Healy products. When Products are on sale the sale price is shown on Page 2 of your order information

Click Here to Become a Healy Customer (Customers get discounts on Healy Products, and do not engage in receiving Income or Free offers by promoting Healy to others) GET A FREE HEALY Ask me how

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You get discounts, cash bonus's, free Healy's and more which we can chat about.



HEALY RESONANCE Special - (Sign up above as a Healy Member First, to do the business side of Healy), then click the following link to order your Healy Resonance. If you want to be a Healy customer only, click the next link to order your Healy Resonance, without becoming a Healy Member.)

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Become A Healy Leading Team Member By Signing Up with Us.
Working as a Team, Mentoring and sharing Empowers Everyone!
Sign Up Here


Access the Healy Membership sign-up page above. As a member you are entitled to commissions of up to 40% of PV!

Special Coupon Promotions to share with your down-line to incentive business sales. Team building is big with us! We have created over 1000 man hours of Healy based Internet Pages, Informational and Instructional Healy World Member Partner Video content that we will brand with your own Healy World Member Partner links, which will in turn drive business to your Healy World Member Partner account.

We offer the Marketing, video, web support and Team Building Skills to Help You Succeed with Wearable wellness technology that makes a difference in peoples lives!



Replicate and automate where possible A Simple Five Step Process

Step 1 Become A Healy User - Create your Own Life Experience Testimonials of how Healy Helped You.

Step 2 Lend out an extra Healy to your Prospects, focus first on Headaches and Migraines. Get Video Testimonials from Prospects. Talk Health and Wealth Benefits, and Specials Joining

Step 3 Educate and Deliver to your Healy team, Zoom Webinars, Social Media and Emails that are Replicable.

Step 4 Hold Zoom Webinars and Social Get Together's (when allowed again) and Demo the Healy Unit at "Wellness Wednesday" events. Convert Prospect into Customers, by letting Healy do most of the work.

Step 5 Replicate Steps 1-4 . Stay organized, customer service friendly building your Healy Dream Team!

FIRST, Click HERE for Easy Healy Member video sign-up instructions or call me at 303-827-4088 to do the sign up for/with you. I recommend you sign up from your home or office computer, as opposed to smart-phone.

NEXT CLICK HERE to SIGN UP as a Healy World Social Selling Network Partner. Sign up so you can order the Healy Resonance with the $1000. Savings, Coupon Code. Once Signed up as a member and you have received a confirmation email from Healy with your user name and password.

Here are some Healy World Member Partner information videos that we have produced which will be custom branded for you upon becoming a member with One Healy Resonance Purchase. Now that's team building and support! 21 minute intro video on Healy, Timewaver parent company, MY HEALY FOOT NEUROPATHY WELLNESS IMPROVEMENTS, and more. Healy Blue Dot App Crystal Bowl Frequency Analogy

What can we create for you today?

Let's do it with the Frequency Heal Your Life Healy World Member Partner Team and conscious humanity in mind!

If you have any Healy Membership, Healy World Partner Sign up questions, or Healy Purchasing Questions

Connect with US Here

I am a proud Healy Member Partner, believer, and user of Healy Products.

"I have been so impressed with what Microcurrent - Frequency Based Wellness using Healy Resonance device technology and Healy Resonance Apps have done for me". Danielle Odette-Healy Member Partner



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