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Here in transcript form are the first two minutes of this fascinating video, which describes how sound frequencies are behind the creation of bringing frequencies into physical form, an interesting universal law.

"It required a combination of five precise sound frequencies together in a set to fully Restore the resonant frequency and function of any part of the human body and energy field this was called The Secret of Five."

It was not released publicly for I think like 50 years of his work, it was a secret of his work.

This was like a very advanced level, yet so fundamental, that everyone should be aware of this.

This stuff was incredibly hidden before like that incredibly advanced internal alchemy. Until 30 years ago you couldn't even access this stuff.

These invisible waves of sound structure all of matter.

cymatics sound wave patterns healy

So this is the field of Cymatics.

I have worked with people in the Cymatics field now for decades and I also worked with Mandara Cromwell who's the person who is the leader of Cymo.

....cymatic sound waves and complex sound codes were developed by Dr Peter Guy Manners in Britain in the mid-1900s, but now moved up to a higher level of technology.

He would use plates and gels and liquids and they would draw a violin bow across the plate, and you can see that whenever you get this invisible wave of sound it will immediately structure the physical matter.

It's the sound waves that actually construct the form of the human physical body and give it its form.

So with the sonic waves this could be taken very very far but it shows people visually and in a very immediate way;

raise your frequency change your life

Change the sound vibrations in an invisible wave, it will immediately change the physical structure of what is being impacted by the sound wave".

After watching the first two minutes of this video, or reading the transcript above, you probably have a better understanding of how frequencies can and do effect the body.

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