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Get Your FREE Personalized Healy Educational Automated Business Building Web Site!

We strongly encourage you to consider us creating a professionally produced Healy World member Partner website for you, absolutely FREE, when you sign up as a member for free on my Healy team.

This website will provide you with comprehensive information, identical to the website you are currently on. Additionally, it can be transformed into an educational and 24/7 automated Healy ordering platform.

By doing so, you will fulfill an essential link of information, education, and order taking capabilities that will differentiate you as a leader on our thriving Healy team.

We take pride in promoting the term "Frequencies for Life" and would love for you to join us in doing so.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your Healy business to the next level.

Sign up online or get in touch with us to register for our team without ordering products, or any sign up fees, and we will offer you numerous networking benefits to start off a great introduction to our Healy world member Partner team.

Our Healy team provides a variety of support options, including a world-class website, social media templates, informative videos, and customer programs for recommendations, and a direct connection to the official Healy World Member website, for the most up to date information, education and specials Healy Offers.

Join our Healy World member partner team today and receive this complimentary website, Healy device setup consultation, program suggestions, and my uplines years of experience using, networking, and creating world class Healy member, Healy approved content to help educate and make a positive difference in yours and other peoples lives on many levels, through creation and replication of loving healthy vibe content. As with any compensation plan, your Healy income potential is commensurate with your commitment to work ethic, and more. Healy and our team make no guarantees of your income, as that is purely subjective.
  • Complimentary website - Personalized with all your Healy information offering 24/7 ordering and comprehensive information database

  • Healy device and apps setup consultation

  • Suggestions for first Healy programs and devices to use

  • YouTube videos to help in the education and sales cycle

  • Phone, Skype, and Zoom networking Healy related meetings

Contact us via phone or email with any questions or to sign up on our successful Healy team. Sign up now on our Healy World member partner team and receive attractive income at all levels.

As a Healy World member partner, Healy, and our team provides you a variety of
support options to build your Healy business wellness community:

  • World Class web site with effective landing pages to gain more Healy World member partners

  • Templates for social media to build your social channels Informative videos and presentations for easy customer acquisition

  • Attractive customer programs for getting customer recommendations

  • Innovative multi-level reward models for attractive income at all levels.

Sign up on my Healy down line and get world class support and tips and techniques on getting the most out of using your Healy.

There are no membership fees, or monthly minimums to be a Healy World Member. Members benefit from special offers, and incentive bonus's for income as well.

Click on this link
and next you will get a confirmation notice that Alan Gough is your Healy Member contact person. Next, when you are ready to order click on Shop, choose your Healy products, Healy products WITH sale discounts, and FREE OFFERS are automatically calculated AFTER you choose add to cart, and VIEW CART.

You can optionally order Healy products through Klarna finance, if you prefer smaller payment amounts. I would suggest phoning me too walk through the order or membership sign on process if you have any questions.

The Healy World Compensation Plan model is lucrative, innovative, and offers exceptional income possibilities, and promotions at every level.

  • Healy business customer interest is consistent due to high-quality products, fair prices, and an effective $$ and physical rewards based referral program.

  • New Healy World members achieve immediate income and FREE healy demo products, using effective networking duplication methods and direct remuneration reward models.

  • Healy World members receive some of the most lucrative commissions, and incentives to help generate more interest and business.


How Do I Join As A Healy Distributor?

It is super simple to join as a Healy Distributor as a Healy World Member Partner.
You do not need to purchase anything to join as Healy World Member Partner.
It is a good idea to buy a Healy Edition for your own health and well being, and to demonstrate that the Healy technology is effective

To join with a purchase visit our official web site, add your chosen Healy Edition to your shopping cart. At checkout you will be asked to open an account. Simply choose Member Account rather than customer Account and you will be signed up as a distributor. There are no monthly or other fees to become a member.

To join without a purchase visit our official Healy web site, go to LOGIN on the top right of menu, click on create an account, again choose MEMBER account, fill in your details and you will be signed up as a Healy distributor.

When you are signed up, (with the idea of sharing Healy with others), you can log into your Healy business web site, set up a password, and fill in extra details such as bank details for commission payments.

Inside your Healy "Back office", are your shop affiliate links, we use to create web landing pages, and a Healy Academy section to learn many extra things to know about Healy.

To get support and ideas on becoming a Healy World Member Partner distributor please contact me directly using the contact page.

Your Healy Personalized and Custom Created Web Site
Another benefit dealing with us as your Healy Member Partner of choice, is Your Healy Personalized and Custom Created Web site, just like the one you are on now, that we create for you, better for educational training and business building.

Your custom Healy business building web site is created by me, Alan Gough, (Healy World Member for over 3 years), at no charge to you, to potentially help improve and automate the Healy educational and automated profit making, buying process. This web site contains your contact information, and Healy links, so people can easily educate themselves and order products from this web site 24/7/365 fully automated, with sales automatically credited to your Healy Member account.

Now thats networking with one of the best in the Industry. Our dedication and belief in Healy has lead to thousands of hours of time invested to bring the News and Love of Humanity to the forefront of Health and wellbeing using leading edge state of the art FDA Cleared wellness devices and Wellness Apps

You will then have a 24/7 Healy storefront and information hub to help you and your Healy members get their best results!

Very few Healy uplines offer this level of Dedicated support, TEAM BUILDING ACTITIVITES (Video Calls, Podcasts, and more). FREE custom business building web site creation, and custom made Healy videos to help educate and promote your Healy business.

Healy Team Building, Networking, Technical and Marketing Support
Technical and Marketing Support is just a call or email away with me, or, my Frequencieshealme Healy Member Partner team leader, Alan.

Contact me with your questions and comments.

Chose a Healy Upline, like us, who is committed to success, as it is possibly more desirable selecting a Healy Partner who has the experience, knowledge, will power, and resources available to more fully support your Healy health, social media, and networking experiences.

I support over 200 Healy Members and customers on their wellness and business journey's. Sign up now and experience the service and support a true professional will provide you and your health and business needs.

You benefit being a member of our large Healy downline, as we create your personalized version of this web site your are reading now for our Healy Members,as well as customized videos we produce in house. (My upline is a professional videographers and wellness consultant.

Very few Healy teams produce personalized websites like this one so that you can benefit from more Healy wellness information at your finger tips, as well as being an automated 24/7, and Healy head office, ecommerce based web site to automatically take your Healy orders 24/7/365.

A Benefit of being part of our Frequencies Heal Your Life Healy team is you can contact and connect with us via email or phone with any Healy related Customer, Member, or technical questions you have. We will do our best to answer your questions and comments.

My Upline has been using Healy for 3 years, (with life changing results). We have developed an extensive database of Healy Youtube videos, and experience from which you and your client prospects can benefit from.

Contact me with any questions or comments, and be sure to check out what your own Healy business and educational web site will look like, here, for the most thorough and educational experience for you and others to benefit their Healy business.

To your Healy business using game changer Healy Technology!

Click Here to Join My Healy Team and Receive all these extra benefits like custom web site, videos, technical and networking support to help build your Healy business like we will.

Self Care is Health Care - Healy Helps

It is my goal to help shine the flashlight so to speak, and give you a road-map, tools and blueprint in order to offer you ideas an becoming a successful conscious creator of Health and optional income possibilities.

I will provide you with Youtube Videos and a personalized version of this web site you are on with all automated contacts so people can easily order Healy products here. Contact me to discuss how You can even share this web site with other Healy members, who are educational and business achievers.

The Healy compensation rewards plan will excite you! I get a happy feeling knowing I have helped so many people by using Healy.

Let me help introduce you to Healy products, to help you achieve pain and muscle soreness reduction, and non medical programs to help with the bioenergetic harmonization of your health on so many levels.

Let me show you income and educational ideas for Healy through easy to follow social media, marketing replication methods and direct remuneration models, that you and I can discuss via email or phone.

My Healy World members can receive lucrative commissions and world class great promotions to help their personal health and business success, through mentoring and communications with myself and others.

We are an Award Winning Sales, Creative, & team building Healy Upline, helping you create better health and a Healy work from home business, now.

Sign Up Now and Become a Healy Partner for free - no purchase necessary or monthly fees.



Once on the Member or product order page you will see my Healy Referrer ID # 3278-1896-2190

I would encourage you to contact me to walk you through the Healy Member or customer setup process, to be sure you are choosing the best options to suit your needs. and offer answers to questions you may have.

healy referal identification

Once you have signed up as a Healy World Member partner using the link above, within 30 days, if you are interested in the business side of Healy; when you introduce Healy to friends and associates, you can get your own or another Healy (for demo purposes use) absolutely FREE. That is what the Healy Fast Start Promotion is all About. There are many lucrative cash and other apps bonuses as rewards for active Healy members.

Very cool compensation program too-click for details
The Healy compensation Program
is very lucrative with excellent remuneration and many offers and upgrades to help motivate you to achieve and exceed your health and optional income goals.

Healy has next day shipping as well.

Here is the official Healy Web Site, with further clarification of income earning disclosure for the USA. Some Healy members earn more than the average earnings shown in the disclosure, however earnings are commensurate with the amount of input you offer for your success potential

Healy Fast Start - Click for Details - Get Free Healy's and Serious cash bonuses
The Healy Fast Start Promotion helps motivated and committed New Healy World members to easily take their Healy edition to to the next level and receive FREE Healy's and Apps!

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Use Healy Fast start to YOUR BENEFIT to acquire extra Healy's for FREE to you use as sample devices to loan out to prospects to try out Healy for FREE for some time.

People can try Healy risk free for 14 days. The return rate is minimal, because Healy works well.

Healy is an FDA cleared Class IIa medical device for Pain, German made frequency based wellness technology that is a game changer for health, wellbeing, and raising the consciousness of humanity.

Why Choose Us as Your Healy World Member Partner
    - Award Winning Professional Sales Background (let us teach/remind you about FAB, The Sales Cycle, Asking for The Sale)
    - Track Record with Network Marketing (Healy, and others) - Let me show you how to make a positive impact on People's health and wellbeing, especially during these times!
    - Replicating the Team. Thats what successful networkers do. We have created our own professional Video, Web, Social Media Content that we replicate for new members like you.


Here is an Effective Healy Success Formula
Replicate and automate where possible - A Simple Five Step Process
Step 1 Become A Healy User - Create your Own Life Experience Testimonials of how Healy Helped You.

Step 2 Lend out an extra Healy to your Prospects, focus first on Headaches and Migraines. Get Video Testimonials from Prospects. Talk Benefits, and Specials Joining

Step 3 Educate and Deliver to your Healy team, Zoom Webinars, Social Media and Emails that are Replicable.

Step 4 Hold Zoom Webinars and Social Get Together's and Demo the Healy Unit at "Wellness Wednesday" events.
Convert Prospect into Customers, by letting Healy do most of the work.

Step 5 Replicate Steps 1-4 . Stay organized, customer service friendly building your Healy Dream Team!

Videos - Healy Videos to watch
Our Healy World Member Partner information videos that we have produced can be custom branded for you upon becoming a member. Now that's team building and support!

Testimonials (More Testimonials Click Here)
"I have been so impressed with what Microcurrent - Frequency Based Wellness using Healy Resonance device technology and Healy Resonance Apps have done for me". Danielle O - Healy Member Partner

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Social Media Facebook and Twitter share Icons Click Below-Thanks for sharing information for peoples Health and Wellbeing

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As with all businesses, your results as a Healy member will vary and will be based on your own ability, business experience and knowledge. There are no guarantees as to the level of success you may have as a member of Healy World.


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